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According to many of our guests, Fausto is the most entertaining driver of us all. He is a true Roman and knows all the hidden corners of the city, pizza places, gelato shops and more. The tour where he really gives his best is surely the day trip from Rome over to the Amalfi Coast: a place of joy, landscape great food and… wait for the surprise… Oh boy, he likes to sing!


The oldest driver of the group. Years of experience in the customer care. He had worked for many years in the airline industry. Once retired he could not live without contact with people. So he decided to share our beautiful country with the visitors in an amazing way… being a driver-guide for him more than a job, is a real passion and honor.


Born in America, brought up in Rome, reached his adulthood back in America and now working with Americans in Rome. Isn’t it bizarre! He knows both cultures in depth and that is an add-on for sure! He loves the history, the art and loves his city, Rome. He is very engaging and he can adapt his personality to any kind of clientele! You will enjoy surely his elegant manners and his “Sean Connery” charm.


Here I am! Luca, the person who is describing the other drivers! Not nice on my side to talk about me! Just want to say that I am the youngest of them all, but I have been working in this field for over 15 years, starting as tour escort, then walking guide and finally as driver-guide. Come try me out!


Elegant, good-looking, ladies say and immensely well-mannered! He is native from Rome. He says all the times “all I can do in my life is showing people around”. Manny knows Tuscany better than a person born in Tuscany. All the corners of this amazing region. The best wine tasting venues, the most incredible medieval towns! He is really a great professional.


Not easy to describe his immense knowledge. He lived in the USA for a long time and so we always make fun of him as he speaks better in English than Italian, despite being born here! There is NOTHING and I say “NOTHING” that I found out he does not know. Words are not sufficient to express his passion and love for the history and art of Rome. He is our specialized driver-guide in religious tours.