About us

A bit of background on Rome Private Excursions

In 2004 Luca Orlandi founded this company, like any other start-up company, it wasn’t easy.

But with time, sheer determination and an incredibly devoted team of driver-guides, it grew into one of, if not, the most well established and thriving private touring company in Italy.

We want to give everyone the highest quality experience that we can provide, to show what the Internal City of Rome has to offer and most importantly, to make long-lasting memories with everyone who joins us! It is this love and passion, that we wish to share with our clients and that is also precisely what keeps us moving forward, always adapting and improving. We reach out all over Italy from Naples to Florence and everything in between. Driving through each city, we admire the ancient ways of our ancestors. Come with us to visit the Colosseum, the Pompeii excavations or the Leaning Tower. Either way, you’ll surely have a blast!

We provide top-notch tours that will leave you wishing they would never end. Wanting to take a shore excursion from the Port and back? Rome Private Excursions is here for you. Stuck in Rome but want to see more? We can provide day trips from Rome to the various cities and towns allowing you to visit as much as possible in one day! It can be difficult to reach your hotel from the port, Airport, or even another city! Rome Private Excursions will bring you to where you need to go with our first class transfers. And so, 15 years later, we strive to remain the best in our field! Putting our clients first and showing you what it truly means to visit Italy in its finest.

Our staff is really qualified. At end of every season, to stay updated, we structure archaeology courses and history classes, for our driver-guides, to keep their wits sharp.

Many pages can be written about our driver-guides, but here is just a bit of info.

Our drivers