Colosseum & Vatican private shore excursion


Duration: 9 Hours
Pick up & drop off (ship)
Guided tour on request
Religious place
Skip the line


Explore the 2 most important sites of Rome on this Colosseum and Vatican private shore excursion. The Colosseum with our skip the line service, and the Vatican on this 9 hour long (full-day) private tour. If time allows you will be able to include also other relevant sites, such as the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps.

Activity details

PICK UP TIME it is suggested at 7: 30 am to avoid big crowds that form in the first part of the morning (it may vary). Returning back to the port at 4:30 pm (with plenty of time not to miss the ship).

COLOSSEUM Start the day with the idea in mind that the tour will be dedicated almost entirely to the Colosseum and the Vatican. This means that we will start with one of the most ancient sites in Rome. Your driver will have your skip-the-line tickets in hand, and after a brief explanation, he will lead you over to the entrance, showing you how to get through the security checkpoint.

Please note: The metal detector line is not skippable. There is no way to skip the line through the metal detector, and that is why we have to try to be at the Colosseum first thing in the morning as the tickets have an entrance time. After overcoming the metal detector you will have a 45 minutes tour on your own inside.
After that you might have time for sightseeing, depending on how long you spend in the Colosseum or for the entrance process.

Please note: The Colosseum reserves the right to stop the entrance process if they reach 3000 people inside, it is very rare however that would be what would prevent anyone from entering. In this case, tickets are not refundable.
You can decide to opt for a 2 hours private guided tour of the Colosseum and its surrounding archeological area. Of course, there would be an extra cost for this guided tour.

TIME FOR SIGHT-SEEING this will depend on how long you spend at the Colosseum. How long the line for the metal detector will be and if you opt for the 2 hours guided tour service. If you do not choose to do the guided tour, rest assured that your driver will do his best to maximize your time at the Colosseum, leaving some more time, to cover other relevant sites in the city such as the Circus Maximus, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain and more! If there are no time restrictions.

TIME FOR A BREAK You’ll decide what to eat and which kind of lunch to go for. We will give you several options (something quick to go, something more intermediate like a pizza or salad, or something authentic off-the-beaten-path where only locals eat).

2,5 HOUR VATICAN VISIT After your little break, your driver will escort you all the way in front of the Vatican Museum. Here you’ll start the brief yet intense visit of the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel and – if open – Saint Peter’s Basilica. You have the ability to pre-purchase your entrance tickets through us so that you will be able to walk right through. We highly suggest that you hire one of our walking guides for a 2,5 hours private guided tour in the Vatican if this interests you, please let us know so that we can arrange it for you at an extra cost.

Ride back to the port, aiming at arriving by 04:30 pm

Starting from 480€ 
Contact us for more info about pricing

The costs above are for 1 English Speaking driver and 1 vehicle for the duration of the tour.
They don’t include entrance tickets, any walking guide service, lunch, drinks nor likely gratuities.
Prices can vary according to the month and the availability.

RomePrivateExcursions offers a very flexible cancellation policy, in case of arrival problems due to COVID, we are willing to offer a 100% refund (Colosseum and Vatican tickets are on the other hand never refundable).

• Colosseum skip the line tickets

• Vatican skip the line tickets

• English Speaking driver all day

• Pick up and drop off directly at dockside

• Vatican private guided tour service on demand

• Possibility of lunch at a local restaurant

• First Class vehicle

As soon as you disembark the ship you’ll see your private driver with a sign with your name on it.

No deposit required!

We accept payments in Traveler Cheques in Euro or USD. If you want to pay in USD we will calculate the accurate total, by using the stock exchange conversion rate Euro/USD of the day before the tour/transfer increased by 7 cents. We also accept credit card payments (Visa and MasterCard – No American Express) at the time of the booking, or at the end of each tour/transfer. Please note that if payments are operated with credit cards the total cost of the tour will be increased by 10 %.

We do not accept payments via credit card for amounts below 350 euros. If the payment is made with a credit card at the end of the tour/transfer you will be required to sign an one time payment authorization form, provided by us. If payment is made with a wire transfer the total cost will be increased by 10 %. If you decide to pay in cash you will be asked to pay your driver at the beginning or at the end of the tour/transfer. The Total will be indicated in your final contract.

If you want to pay in USD we will calculate the accurate total, by using the stock exchange conversion rate Euro/USD of the day before the tour/transfer increased by 7 cents
Tickets to the Vatican and the Colosseum can be pre-purchased through us and the day of the tour your driver will hand them to you for a better and more efficient service.

Please note that the Colosseum tickets and the Vatican tickets are not refundable, beyond the terms stated, not even in case of the cancellation of your trip.

This is a private tour, so you will not be sharing it with anybody else!
You’ll be escorted by your English speaking driver who will explain all different points of interest. But please note that they are not guides. They cannot enter the sites with you by law.

This is the best way to go!
You and your English speaking driver will talk about the day’s plans before the tour starts

Not included:

• Gratuities are not included (recommended)


• Due to new admission rules taking effect at the Colosseum starting from June 1st, 2018, we would like to communicate the following: First of all the tickets purchased are not refundable, so if you book a tour with us and then decide to cancel it within the time frame accepted by our cancellation policy, please note that the tickets are still nonrefundable, that means you will still be charged for it.

Securing the -Skip the line- tickets does not guarantee you that there are no lines. In fact, the security line ( going through the metal detector process) can take up to 1 hour, and, if we are not at the booth at the time written on the tickets, you may lose the reservation, thus resulting in not visiting the Colosseum.

I have to admit this is extremely rare but there is a possibility that it can happen especially on crowded days. The fact is that the Colosseum administration does not allow more than 3000 people inside at a time, and when that capacity is reached, they close the entrance for 15/20 minutes creating the dilemma that may lead to missing your turn.

This is outside our control as they are the Colosseums rules. Please know that the crowds usually gather in the morning at the Colosseum and the situation gets better after 2:00 pm. So please keep this in mind when you decide to visit the inside of the Colosseum.

Our suggestion is indeed to have our drivers give you a full explanation of the monument and enjoy the Colosseum from the outside which is actually the most spectacular part.

Of course, the tour itinerary is flexible and you can decide to visit whateveryou want if we have time between the colosseum and the vatican

• If you want to request a private guide service at the Vatican, the cost would be extra for 175 euro total. Please note that with a guide and if more than 6 passengers in the group, the Vatican requires mandatory ear-phones for 3 euro per person to be paid at the moment of the booking or at the end of the tour to your driver.

• Because you will be entering a religious place, you are kindly requested to pay attention to your attire. Knees and shoulders must be covered.

• Walking: 2.5 hour on foot at the Vatican. For the rest of the tour moderate.