Vatican & Colosseum COMBINED skip-the-line tickets

Vatican & Colosseum COMBINED skip-the-line tickets - FULL PRICE

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Vatican & Colosseum COMBINED skip-the-line tickets - REDUCED PRICE

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Due to new admission rules taking effect at the Colosseum starting from June 1st, 2018, we would like to communicate what follows:

  • Securing the Skip the line tickets does not guarantee you that there are no lines. In fact the security line ( going through the metal detector process) can take up to 1 hour, and, if we are not at the booth at the time written on the tickets, you may lose the reservation , thus not visit the Colosseum. This situation may apply mainly to the visitors who have booked our “Colosseum and Vatican” shore excursion. I have to admit that this event never occured to us but there is a possibility that it can happen especially on the crowded days.
  • The fact is that the Colosseum administration does not allow more than 3000 people inside at a time, and when that capacity is reached , they close the entrance for 15/20 minutes risking to miss your turn. This is outside our control as Colosseum rules.

Full price (adults, seniors and kids over 5 years old) 25€ per person (including RPE ticket service fee).
At the Colosseum, in order to grant free entrance to under 5 year-old children, they request photo identification. The identification process unfortunately might slow down the entrance process. All under 18-year-old children could apply for a discounted ticket. The problem is that at the entrance they would be required to show their IDs. This means wasting your time in line. This is the reason why RPE Travel sells only full price tickets for this site, granting to all our clients a faster service.

Full price (adults and seniors) 55€ per person
Reduced price (under 18 y.o.) 45€ per person
RPE ticket handling fee included.

  • Full price (adults and seniors) 55€ per person including: 25€ for the Colosseum ticket + 30 € for the Vatican skip-the-line tickets
  • Reduced price (under 18 y.o.) 45€ per person including: 25€ for the Colosseum ticket + 20€ for the Vatican skip-the-line tickets

At the Vatican instead kids between 6 and 18 y.o. can benefit from a discount. Reduced tickets are 20€ each (included RPE service). Children under 6 y.o. have free admission, without any ticket.

Please note that the tickets are not refundable once purchased by our agency. You cancelling the tour may result in losing the money you paid for the tickets. The same monument would not refund the tickets.

RPE, in order to grant ticket availability will start looking into the purchase months in advanced

Should you cancel your tours, please ask us if in case, we did not buy the tickets yet. In so we would be happy to reimburse the cost of the tickets as well.

Remember that the ticket handling is a mere service that we offer, in order to make the logistic of the tours easy on you. Because we know at what time we need those tickets for and to make your tour stress-free. Your guide or your driver will have those tickets in hand on the day of your tour.


questions & support

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