Just one hour south of Rome, in a Region called Ciociaria, nestled in the mountains is the Monastery of St. Benedict. Rich in art and spirituality you will have the chance to explore the beauty of this immaculate religious site. Again, crossing all the hilltops and mountains of the same region you will reach eventually the historical Abbey of Montecassino


  • PICK UP TIME // Suggested 8:00 am so that we will beat the traffic out of the city and we will back right on time before the traffic gets back in (it is flexible then you decide whenever during the day).
  • PICK UP PLACE // From your hotel in town, airport on arrival, or anywhere you want! We will drop you off wherever you want at the end of the tour.
  • LENGTH // 8-9 hours (you can always extend it)


  • MONASTERY OF ST BENEDICT in Subiaco // We will reach at first Subiaco area, just about one hour south drive from Rome. A peaceful parking in the woods where we will leave the minivan and after about 10 minute walk through the nature, we will approach the amazing monastery. It enshrines the cave (Sacro Speco) in which St. Benedict lived as a hermit before he organized his first monastic community. Located amid spectacular natural scenery, the monastery is still active but welcomes visitors to pray at Benedict’s cave and explore the church covered in beautiful medieval frescoes. Among the many fascinating frescoes is a portrait of St. Francis of Assisi painted during his lifetime. You will spend about 1 hour exploring it. We will leave Subiaco area at around 10.45 am
  • TIME FOR A BREAK // After leaving Subiaco area we will drive through the beautiful mountains and hills of the region, crossing it horizontally towards Monte Cassino. As we approach the town of Monte Cassino, you will find there lots of lunch options. Or a typical trattoria or even something quicker to keep more time to explore the Abbey. You will reach the time of the Monte Cassino at around 12.30 pm
  • MONTECASSINO ABBEY// after lunch it will be time to explore this fantastic site. Talking about St Benedict he moved to Montecassino in 528, where he remained the rest of his life. Here he wrote his Rule, a set of guidelines for laymen wishing to live a spiritual life pleasing to God. The Rule of St. Benedict would become the pattern for monastic rules across medieval Europe.  In World War II, the hill of Monte Cassino was part of a German defensive line guarding the approaches to Rome. Montecassino became the target of assault after assault by Allied troops, and was finally destroyed by air bombardment. The hill was captured at dreadful loss of life by the Polish Army and Italian refugees. After the war, the abbey was rebuilt based on the original plans. Today, Montecassino is a working monastery and continues to be a pilgrimage site by virtue of the suriviving relics of St. Benedict and St. Scholastica. It is also a popular tourist destination for its historical importance and its attractive buildings. At around 03.00 pm / 03.30 pm we will leave Montecassino to return to Rome.