Terms and Conditions


OUR DRIVERS You understand our drivers who speak a very good English cannot enter the sites with you according to a very strict Italian law, indeed for longer visits to certain sites we suggest you to hire a walking guide! Don’t be afraid then because you will know surely everything you need to know about Italian art, history and traditions.

ABOUT PAYMENTS We don’t request any deposit!!! Tickets to the Vatican and the Colosseum can be pre-purchased through us and the day of the tour your driver will hand them to you for a better and more efficient service. Please note that the Colosseum tickets and the Vatican tickets are NOT refundable, beyond the terms stated, not even in case of cancellation of your trip. We accept payments in Traveler Cheques in Euro or USD. If you want to pay in USD we will calculate the accurate total, by using the stock exchange conversion rate Euro/USD of the day before the tour/transfer increased by 7 cents We also accept credit card payments (Visa and MasterCard – NO AMEX) at the time of the booking, or at the end of each tour/transfer. Please note that if payments are operated with credit cards the total cost of the tour will be increased by 10 %. We do not accept payments via credit card for amounts below 350 euro. If payment is made with credit card at the end of the tour/transfer you will be required to sign a ONE TIME payment authorization form, provided by us. If payment is made with wire transfer the total cost will be increased by 10 %. If you decide to pay in cash you will be asked to pay your driver at the beginning or at the end of the tour/transfer. THE TOTAL WILL BE INDICATED IN YOUR FINAL CONTRACT. If you want to pay in USD we will calculate the accurate total, by using the stock exchange conversion rate Euro/USD of the day before the tour/transfer increased by 7 cents Tip is well accepted by our drivers or guides (10% for an OK service – 15% for a very good service – 20% for an excellent service). NOTE THAT THE PRICE OF LUNCH OR EXTRAS (such as wine tastings, overnight fees, tip for the drivers/guides) ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE COST OF THE TOURS GIVEN IN THE FINAL CONFIRMATION BELOW UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE. TRANSPORTATION FEES, TOLLS AND FUEL ARE ALREADY INCLUDED IN THE FINAL COST


Please note that the tickets are not refundable once purchased by our agency. You cancelling the tour may result in losing the money you paid for the tickets. The same monument would not refund the tickets.

RPE, in order to grant ticket availability will start looking into the purchase months in advanced

Should you cancel your tours, please ask us if in case, we did not buy the tickets yet. In so we would be happy to reimburse the cost of the tickets as well.

Remember that the ticket handling is a mere service that we offer, in order to make the logistic of the tours easy on you. Because we know at what time we need those tickets for and to make your tour stress-free. Your guide or your driver will have those tickets in hand on the day of your tour

CANCELLATION POLICY If you miss your flight or if your airline decides to cancel the flight due to bad weather or if your flight is directed to another airport on arrival (if the ship does not make it to the pier due to severe weather conditions) you will not be considered responsible and therefore you won’t be asked to pay. Please send us your cancellations 72 hrs prior to each service by e-mail or via fax, otherwise you will pay the full amount for the service you booked. Let us know as soon as possible, because we can accept other reservations and allocate them to our chauffeurs. Once confirming this document you are accepting the terms and conditions that govern your reservation. When we book a service, we guarantee a vehicle, driver and, at times, guides with a financial commitment. During the travel season vehicles/drivers/guides are not available if not reserved in advance, at least the high quality ones that we use to make sure that your experience with us and Italy is unforgettable. So major modification to a service cannot be guaranteed within 72 hours of service. As we try to be as flexible as possible minor changes such as time of pickup or place of pickup is not a problem. Although Italy has one of the best climates in the world, unfortunately weather is not predictable. As mentioned we reserve all vehicles, etc… in advance to be able to maintain a high standard of service. If on the day of your service there are adverse weather conditions such as rain, we cannot cancel the service such as walking tour in the main cities and island tours and therefore you ll be asked to pay the whole amount of the tour as agreed even if you end up not taking the tour. Within possibility we will try to work with you to better your experience in such an event, the service cannot be canceled. Believe us Italy is beautiful even in the rain. In the majority of our services we use late model high-line minivans that carry up to 8 people. They are a perfect balance with comfort, reliability and function plus they also have ample luggage space. If you require another type of vehicle from our fleet, you ARE ASKED LET US KNOW AT THE TIME OF YOUR RESERVATION

COLOSSEUM IMPORTANT NOTICE Due to new admission rules taking effect at the Colosseum starting from June 1st, 2018, we would like to communicate what follows: First of all the tickets purchased are not refundable , so if you book a tour with us and then decide to cancel it within the time frame accepted by our cancellation policy , please note that the tickets are still non refundable , that means you will still be charged for it. Securing the Skip the line tickets does not guarantee you that there are no lines. Infact the security line ( going through the metal detector process) can take up to 1 hour, and, if we are not at the booth at the time written on the tickets, you may lose the reservation , thus not visit the Colosseum. I have to admit that this event never occured to us but there is a possibility that it can happen especially on the crowded days .The fact is that the Colosseum administration does not allow more than 3000 people inside at a time, and when that capacity is reached , they close the entrance for 15/20 minutes risking to miss your turn. This is outside our control as Colosseum rules. Please know that the crowds are usually in the morning at the Colosseum and the situation gets better after 2:00 pm. So please keep this in mind when you decide to visit the inside of the Colosseum. Our suggestion is indeed to have our drivers give you a full explanation of the monument and enjoy the Colosseum from the outside which is actually the most spectacular part.